Maluka Estate is one of the most awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oils in Australia.

Our EVOO is loaded features higher than normal antioxidant polyphenols. It is one of the healthiest foods you can eat and is the healthiest of all oils. No wonder it forms the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

Consume our EVOO liberally, and regularly – with bread, on salads, on vegetables, pour it over everything. Great for deep frying and baking.

Our EVOO is available under our two labels

Otway Olives EVOO is harvested by individual variety and pressed on site in small batches, stored under argon gas in stainless steel tanks, and hand bottled to ensure the freshest, tastiest, olive oil possible. Our range includes single varietal Picual (Spanish) and Frantoio (Italian) and our custom curated Estate Blend.

Great Ocean Road “Awesome EVOO” branded oil is also harvested by variety and pressed on site. It is blended to create a lively EVOO blend designed for The Great Ocean Road lifestyle. It is partnered by our deliciously rich and sweet Great Ocean Road “Wicked Balsamic”.
Our table olives are naturally fermented and finished in a our own “Greek” style – with a hint of chilli, garlic, lemon, and herbs.

Awards and Trophies for Otway Olives EVOO

Australian International Olive Competition, 2020
  • Estate Blend – Gold Medal
  • Frantoio – Gold Medal
  • Picual – two Gold Medals
Australian International Olive Competition, 2019
  • Estate Blend – Gold medal
  • Frantoio – two Gold Medals
  • Picual – Silver Medal
Royal Agricultural Society Victoria, Australian Food Awards, 2019
  • Estate Blend – Gold Medal
  • Frantoio – Gold Medal
  • Frantoio – Silver Medal
Royal Agricultural Society Victoria, Australian Food Awards, 2018
  • Estate Blend – Gold Medal
  • Manzanillo – Silver Medal
Golden Olive Awards, 2018
  • Picual – Gold
  • Estate Blend – Silver
  • Manzanillo – Silver
Royal Sydney Show, 2018
  • Picual – Gold Medal
Australian International Olive Competition, 2018
  • Picual – Silver
  • Estate Blend – Silver
  • Frantoio – Silver
Royal Agricultural Society Victoria, Australian Food Awards, 2017
  • Gold Medal – Frantoio
  • Silver medal – Estate Blend
Australian International Olive Competition 2017
  • Gold medal – Picual
  • Silver medal – Frantoio
Royal Agricultural Society Victoria, Australian Food Awards, 2016
  • Picual – Trophy – Best EVOO in Show
  • Picual – Gold medal
  • Estate Blend – Gold medal
  • Barnea – Gold Medal
National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, 2016
  • Picual – Trophy – Reserve Champion Oil
  • Picual – Gold Medal
  • Frantoio – Frantoio
  • Estate Blend – Silver Medal
Royal Agricultural Society Victoria, Melbourne Fine Food Awards, 2015
  • Family Reserve – Trophy – best boutique oil
  • Family Reserve – Gold medal, small volume (<5,000 litres) –
  • Leccino – Gold medal, micro volume oil (<200 litres).
  • Picual – Silver medal
  • Frantoio – Silver medal
Australian Olive Association, National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, 2015
  • Trophy – best of state – Victoria – Picual.
  • Reserve Champion – Picual.
  • Gold medal – medium style – Picual.
  • Gold medal, medium style – Frantoio

health benefits of evoo

EVOO is one of the key ingredients in the Mediterranean diet, which is associated with good health and longevity. EVOO should be a staple in your daily diet.
For all the latest evidence-based information on the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olives, and olive leaf extracts, please visit the Olive Wellness Institute,

Too busy to go to the website? Here’s is a short summary of just some of the medically proven health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Daily consumption is shown to:

  • Boost the immune system (is it worth adding specific links to each of these? It
  • may improve SEO)
  • Reduce risk of cancers
  • Manage cholesterols
  • Reduce cardio vascular disease
  • Help prevent diabetes
  • Help reduce osteoporosis
  • Aid treatment of arthritis
  • Reduce risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Reduce obesity

AND MORE FACTS… Forget the mythology – Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best oil for cooking. Smoke pointa re irrelevant – it’s degradation of a cooking oil that matters, and EVOO has built-in anti-oxidants that scavenge damaging free radicals – no healthier oil!, By the way, another myth de-bunked, EVOO will not damage your cookware!

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