Shed Blend

Our Shed Blend is a blend of varieties that we vary each year. It is a fresh, lively oil that is ideal for everyday use for all purposes. This EVOO tends to display walnut and butterscotch aromas that transfer to the palate with a dry mouth feel and a pleasant, lingering finish with a medium level of pungency.
We designed our Shed Blend as a more economical oil for wider use, using the air-tight “bag-in-the-box” system. No! Don’t think about cheap wine in a “‘goon bag”. For EVOO, the bag-in-the-box is the best method of packaging larger quantities as it ensures that our precious EVOO remains at its very best – right to the last drop. The box insulates against heat and light, while the bag acts as an oxygen barrier. This is the modern improvement over the old metal can system, which allows air to contact your delicious oil as soon as it’s opened – leading to oxidation, loss of flavour, and premature aging – often within a month or two of opening.
2l Pantry Pack (bag-in-box).


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